True Caller Premium Mod Apk Download 2022

True Caller Premium Mod Apk Download 2022

App Info

Name:- Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

App Size:- 106MB


Mod:-Premium Unlocked

Version:- v12.44.301

Price:- Free

Downloads:- 50 Cr+





Looking to download the True Caller Premium Mod Apk for free? We have the latest version of the app right here. True Caller is a powerful caller ID and blocking app that makes it easy to identify and block unwanted calls. With the Premium Mod, you'll get even more features like call recording and an ad-free experience. Get the True Caller Premium Mod Apk now and enjoy a better calling experience.

True Caller is one of the most popular caller identification apps available today. The app provides users with detailed information on who is calling them, including the caller's name, location, and even a profile photo. True Caller also offers a Premium version of the app, which provides even more detailed information on callers, as well as a host of other features.

The True Caller Premium mod apk provides users with all of the features of the Premium version of the app, without having to pay for it. The modded app also includes a number of other features not found in the regular version of the app, including the ability to block unwanted calls and even view the caller's history.

If you're looking for a caller identification app that provides you with all the information you need, and more, then the True Caller Premium mod apk is the perfect choice for you.

I’m probably not the sole one who is anxious when it comes to phone calls. As someone / person who is an introvert[one who is quite ], whenever I see an unknown caller appearing on my screen [display screen], I always got extremely uncomfortable. I don’t just like the thought that there’s a potential stranger on the other side of the line and that I have to go through all of the steps of finding their intentions. it might be far easier for me, however, if I can put a reputation to the string of phone number.

Well, that might be the problem TrueCaller’s developer was setting out to solve. This powerful database matches nearly all calls with a reputation or an organisation and allows you the ability to see through the number first before accepting the call.

At the core of the appliance , there’s an enormous database that’s based on phonebooks across numerous countries. If what I hoped for is correct, then it might also be updated daily to keep up with the new numbers being registered. But as of now, the app still works great enough that it's not really a cause for concern. While i used to be initially sceptic about the range of the app – whether it would work internationally or not. Pleasantly, it does. The app supports numbers from various callers and regions, Europe, to Asia, Americas, and Africa, right down to Australia, also. Maybe just in need of Antarctica. As you'll tell for the sheer number of, well, numbers there are worldwide, i used to be a bit worried that the app wouldn’t support my region.

Incoming calls were trying to be matched by the app the instant the signal hit the phone. It didn’t go smoothly and there was a touch of delay (Expectedly), but the result came out pretty detailed. there have been names, addresses, cities, states, nations, and carriers. Virtually, you'll know everything about this person should he or she be logged in their database down to the information of their doorsteps. While you wouldn’t be using this information that much, in my opinion, it's amusing for the degree of thoroughness of information it provides on the callers.

Another thing that's great about this app is the ability for you to actually comment on the phone numbers. i think that instead of an in-house database, they were perusing public databases crammed with information and can be accessed through more conventional means. I’ve seen online phonebooks that offer you the ability to comment on phone numbers before – mostly to report telemarketers and scammers. With the facility of public intelligence in your hand, it's easier for you to dodge and block these nuisances. Better even: Without even learning the phone.

That’s another great feature about this app. It also gives you an easily accessible function to log and block these calls if you discover them to be undesirable.

The app also supports T9 looking for your recent calls and names within your contacts. You would’ve been pretty conversant in this as it is supported natively on Android’s call function. the whole app would replace your contact and call to enhance this experience. Though it might be a little bit uncomfortable at first, if you persist with it for long enough, it’d be a habit . Integrated also are smart search and quick contact. From these numbers, you'd be able to reverse search unknown numbers oncoming into your phone if you wanted.

Truecaller is merely 106MB in app data, it can get plenty bigger than that if you opted for an offline call dictionary. That is, a whole log of numbers within your country downloaded to your phone. While this might eat up a lot of storage space, if you're one for identification, it might be quite worth it in my book.

Truecaller: caller ID , spam blocking & call record is a completely utility app, and in my opinion, it shouldn’t come to the present point where Android needs an app to support this. If it had been an integrated feature within the OS itself, it might be great. except for now, this app would do to organize for those unexpected, anonymous phone calls.

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